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nicholas wallace, toronto magician, ontario magician, toronto corporate entertainment
Nick Wallace Nicholas Wallace Toronto magician, canadian corporate entertainers, Toronto corporate entertainers
        and  TESTIMONIALS:




 - one damn fine good show.  It don't  matter if you like magic or not, you  need to see this show." 


Robert Russell Photography

"Damn entertaining." - TORONTO STAR


"Wallace is a first rate illusionist." - (4 STARS) NOW TORONTO


"Totally mind-boggling … the experience is beyond anything you might expect."



​"I would work with this guy over and over again.  Absolutely fantastic." -SAGECOMM


"Shock and awe - Nick Wallace is one of the best magicians I have ever had the privilege of watching perform." - CANTOX HEALTH SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL


"Wallace gives a superb performance." - DORKSHELF.COM


"... The buzz around the office the next day was contagious! Everyone is still baffled at how he did what he did. I would HIGHLY recommend Nick." -RBC


"Nick is SCARY COOL when it comes to his talent.  He is absolutely remarkable!  If you want to have an entertainer at your event that people will be talking about for weeks and months, Nick Wallace is definitely your guy." - INTUIT CANADA


" Nick Wallace performed for us at a Corporate Christmas event and to say he mesmerized the audience would be an understatement. My team is still talking about the party months after it took place. Nick Wallace is a true illusionist that will wow any crowd." - STARLIM NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION


"Everyone that you worked your magic on was amazed.  Your professionalism and quiet elegance was perfect for our black tie event." -  TDL GROUP (TIM HORTONS)


"He was absolutely fantastic! We loved everything about his performance. Surely he must be psychic!  Our event was a huge success largely to be credited to Nick"



"I would like to thank you for your awe inspiring performance.  You were above and beyond our expectations, and our guests were superbly entertained."



"Awesome - everyone is talking about your great show.  It was appreciated by all."



"I wanted to say thank you again for your outstanding performance at our two client events.  At both events you were the added element I had hoped for, and then some." - KMK CONSULTANTS


"Everyone was truly flabbergasted and couldn't stop talking about Nick.  I'll definitely have Nick help us with all of our events in the future!"



"There has been nothing but awe and wonder talked about at the tricks you performed and it certainly added a great touch to our staff party."



"Even when you keep in mind that Nick Wallace must be using some subtle form of manipulation to get the astounding results he does in the act, that makes the show all the more impressive for what he is able to achieve.


Furthermore, he achieves those results with an endearing well mannered charm and a special sincerity that will allow you to enjoy his cunning prestidigitation with your full cooperation." - LONDONFRINGE.CA


"Wallace is so capable, so confident and steady with his connection with the audience that even the biggest skeptic can find some goosebumps on their arms in a few minutes." - JESSICA PERKINS (HAMILTONFRINGE.CA)


"Nick Wallace's show will take people of any age back to the land of wonder - it's elegant, understated and extremely civilized.  Don't miss it." - LONDONFRINGE.CA


“A magic show that will change how you view what happens to others and restore your faith in the improbable. It is delightful for those who enjoy possibilities rather than solutions.” - LONDONFRINGE.CA


“Best jaw dropping performance.” (4 out of 4 stars) - BEAT MAGAZINE


 “…a hypnotic, mystifying, challenging, supernatural (well, magic does not do Nick justice) piece of entertainment.” - LONDONFRINGE.CA





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