Watch Nick perform with Gabrielle Union on season 14 of Americans Got Talent 2019.

A guest spot on a promo for FOXtv's Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders. Exposing the secrets of a Séance with Rebecca Liddiard.

Watch Nick perform with Alyson Hannigan and FOOL Penn & Teller on CW's Penn & Teller: FOOL US.

Reading minds at the National Post with Rebecca Tucker.

Mind reading illusion at the Staircase theatre.

A quick card trick after a show at the Staircase theatre.

Nick performs for Artist Tim Murton for the OWOW Magic Fest Halloween Show 2020.

Reactions to theatre show Seance with Nicholas Wallace.

Mind reading and promoting shows on Breakfast TV in Toronto with Frank Ferragine.

Preview for the theatre show SEANCE with Nicholas Wallace.