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A virtual magic show?? I know - I had my doubts too.

Nicholas has appeared in Las Vegas with Penn & Teller, he has been on America's Got Talent, and now he is performing... in his basement.

But now you can join him in his basement from the comfort of your basement, or living room, or where ever you prefer to dwell. Over the last several months Nick have been developing a show that people can experience from the comfort and safety of their own homes, which is perfect for virtual conferences, meetings and client appreciation events.

With a world of almost infinite streaming content, he did not want to create a show where attendees just passively watch a screen. He wanted them to experience something impossible. Which is why 95% of the show happens in the attendees hands. Everyone attending is asked to bring along a deck of cards, and then several attendees are added to the spotlight so we can all watch completely impossible moments happen simultaneously, wherever they are, around the globe. It's pretty cool.  

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