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Something Strange & Unusual is happening in Hamilton.

My most recent theatre show STRANGE & UNUSUAL will be playing at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton Ontario for the next two weeks (Oct 11-21). This show has been a long time in the works. We workshopped the show in April of 2016, then reworked it for months. It had its debut at Theatre Aquarius back in May, and now I think I can confidently say it is ready to go.

After working on my previous show SEANCE with my director and collaborator Luke Brown, we both wanted to create something a little more lighthearted. As always this new show ended up a little darker then intended, but everyone agrees it is a whole lot of fun. Borrowing form the world of Hitchock and the twilight zone, it's an exploration of why we are hardwired to believe in "weird things" - superstition, psychics, conspiracy theories - all the while celebrating the importance of mystery. Hope to see you there!

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