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The Big Show

Making stuff is hard. Working out new material in front of an audience , whether its comedy or new magic bits, is really hard. And scary. Most people don't realize that is part of the process. When working on new material at some point you have to get up in front of people, and nothing will go as planned. But then you adjust, and do it again. And again. And again...

If you haven't seen the documentary COMEDIAN with Jerry Seinfeld, it is worth a watch. The concept is Seinfeld retires all his material and starts working on a new hour. It is really inspiring to see someone who is at the top of their game struggle while working out new material from scratch.

An interdimensional being summons a group of “teens with attitude” to help him defend the world from evil. Unfortunately, he accidentally summoned the high school drama group. Unable to fight, he assigns them the task of performing a monthly BIG SHOW that bring him up to speed about the current state of the earth. Music, comedy, magic and short films. Think Power Rangers meets Kids Incorporated teabagged by Kids in the Hall. Starring a rotating cast including Vicktoria Adam, Tyler Brent, Luke Brown, Stephanie Hope Lawlor, Kristian Reimer, Ryan Sero, Nick Wallace and Laura Welch

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