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I am an artist

I am very honoured to be one of the 30 artists profiled in the "I Am An Artist" campaign put on by the Hamilton Arts council. If you take a stroll down King William St in Hamilton you will see my smug mug hanging on a banner, as well as 29 other very talented individuals. Thanks hamilton, this means a lot.

"The I Am An Artist project supports the Hamilton Arts Council’s goal of promoting the arts in Hamilton. It expands the public understanding of the word “artist” to encompass all makers – not only visual arts (where it is most commonly applied) but also theatre, literature, dance, music, film and media arts, as well as contemporary craft practices, tattoo, fashion, landscaping and architecture. By promoting this broader definition of “artist,” I Am An Artist aims to make the arts more accessible and inclusive – The primary goal of this project is to celebrate Hamilton’s artists, both professional and amateur. We believe Hamilton artists are the very heart of our community The I Am An Artist Project aims to create a bridge for understanding.

The Hamilton Arts Council has produced 30 banners which have been installed along the King William Street Art Walk, from James Street North to Wellington St. North, on the exterior of The Seedworks Urban Offices on Catharine Street North and along Ferguson Avenue. The banners were created to celebrate the diversity of Hamilton’s Artistic Community and to showcase the many disciplines which fall under the moniker “Artist”."

For more information, and to see all the profiles go to

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