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Strange & Unusual coming to Toronto

The Next Stage Theatre Festival is the premiere winter theatre event in Toronto. Produced by the Toronto Fringe, Next Stage is a platform for past Fringe artists to take groundbreaking work to the next level – and a gathering place for discerning culture lovers in the city. It takes place every January at the Factory Theatre.

I'm very excited to say that STRANGE & UNUSUAL is coming the the Next Stage Theatre Festival. Borrowing from the world of Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone, Strange & Unusual is a unique mixture of storytelling and illusions. It is an interactive exploration of how and why humans are hardwired to believe in “weird things”, a celebration of the importance of mystery. You are cordially invited to explore the world of conspiracy theories, superstition, psychics, and all things strange and unusual.

Tickets are only $15 and are on sale now. Hope to see you there!

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