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Reading minds at Lang Pioneer Village

For the second year in a row I was luck enough to perform for the Historic All Hallows Eve event at Lang pioneer village in Peterborough Ont. The event is amazing - the whole village is transformed into a atmospheric "Sleepy Hollow", complete with a wandering headless horseman. It is exactly the kind of thing the 10-year-old me would want to do on halloween.

Last year I was telling ghost stories. This year I did a very traditional victorian mind reading/mesmerism act. I was slightly worried that kids wouldn't really get it (I don't usually do kids shows, and although this was not your normal kids show, there were a lot of children) but they loved it. The whole weekend was a blast.

If you are anywhere near the Peterborough area and are looking for something to help get you into the Halloween Spirit next year, I can not recommend it enough! I understand they have a great traditional Christmas event too. If you are interested in visiting check out

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